ARCHLine.XP 2018.R1 (version 180411) Build 400

ARCHLine.XP 2018.R1 (version 180411) Build 400 | 828.3 mb

ARCHLine crew has announced the launch of the 2018 R1 version of its BIM-certified design software. This year's version hits the shelves with considerable development on how BIM components, walls, slabs, openings are handled.
About ARCHLine.XP. ARCHLine.XP is the BIM software that enables you to make 3D architectural, interior design and furniture design with great quality and effectiveness. ARCHLine.XP takes an innovative approach to the reuse and transformation of existing buildings.
ARCHLine.XP is equipped with a fully integrated Open BIM interface and provides the tools to create coordinated and computable building model. You work in one model with many views as floor plan, sections, and elevations. Your BIM project are fully coordinated and don't require any manual updates to keep it synchronized.
Working with ARCHLine.XP you can create: floor plan views, section views, elevation views, perspective views, construction details, printing layouts, schedules, Excel reports, renderings, photo inserts, animations.
Most important features:
- Stand-alone intelligent BIM/CAD core
- Working in one model with many views (Floor plan, sections, elevations, etc.)
- 3D, section, quantity take-off is generated automatically from one single model
- Import and export: IFC, SKP, DXF, DWG, PDF, OBJ, 3DS, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GBXML
- The project documents are updated when your model changes
- Intelligent and parametric 2D and 3D object databases
- Freely definable cross-sections, part models and elevations in 2D, 3D
- Flexible zone and space management with GEAR connection
- Automatic sorting of parts lists according to building, story and room.
What's new in ARCHLine.XP 2018:
About CadLine Kft. CadLine is the developer of ARCHLine.XP software. ARCHLine.XP software for BIM includes features for architectural design, interior design and decorating projects. ARCHLine.XP supports the multi-disciplinary design process. It helps collaborate with co-designers through IFC, DWG, and RVT formats. ARCHLine.XP takes an innovative approach to the reuse and transformation of existing buildings. Many thousands of professionals in building and interior design, furniture manufacturers use ARCHLine.XP every day.
Established in 1991, CadLine has continually developed powerful and easy-to-use software applications.
Product: ARCHLine.XP
Version: 018 Release 1 (version 180411) Build 400
Supported Architectures: x64
Website :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and newer
Size: 828.3 mb